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Product    Janabima    Two Payment Janabima

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For some people, it is better to get paid in two periods than being paid altogether at once. This policy serves the purpose of such one and enables them to fulfill requirements more than once. It is more helpful as it does not need to have lots of capital to start.


(with profit)

Features & Eligibility:

Types of Plan: It is an Anticipated Endowment assurance plan with two payments.
Minimum entry age: 20 years
Maximum entry age: 45 years
Minimum sum assured: Tk. 12,000/=
Maximum sum assured:Tk. 3,00,000/=
Minimum maturity age: 32 years
Maximum maturity age: 57 years
Policy terms: 12 years
Mode of Payment: Monthly.
Premium Calculation:Premium rate chart given in the brochure.
Annual Premium:From Tk. 104.40/= to Tk. 2610/=


On Survival:On survival, 40% of the sum assured is payable after half of the policy duration and after maturity 60% of the sum assured is payable to the policy holder with accrued bonus.
On Death: On death within the policy term, even just after the commencement of policy, the nominee will get the total sum assured with accrued bonus.

Supplementary Insurance Brochure

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