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Product    Islami Takaful    Denmohor Insurance

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In Islam, rights of women are well preserved in various forms and processes. One of such rights is the provision of Denmohor from the husband to the wife. It is obligatory for the husband to pay his wife this rightful money agreed upon the contract of marriage (kabin-nama) as soon as possible. For this purpose, Denmohor Insurance policy is a great help for every married or bachelor man.


Features & Eligibility:

Types of plan: It is an Endowment Policy to provide Denmohor
Minimum entry age: 18 years
Maximum entry age: 55 years
Minimum sum assured:Tk. 30,000/=
Maximum sum assured:Based on socio-economic condition
Minimum maturity age: 28 years
Maximum maturity age: 70 years
Policy terms: 10, 15 & 20 years
Mode of payment: Yearly, Half-yearly
Income tax: Income tax relief permissible
Premium Calculation : Premium rate chart(per thousand) given in the brochure.


01. Any man can take up this Den-Mohr scheme before or after marriage. Nominee will be the wife after marriage.
02. At the end of the term of the participating policyholder's plan, the money deposited in the modaraba or deposit fund is paid to the spouse along with the share of profit/loss earned.
03.If the participant dies before the expiry of the takaful policy, the entire amount deposited in the deposit fund is paid to the wife along with the share of profit earned on the basis of profit and loss, and also the amount equal to the amount of premium installments that he would have deposited as premium installments during the remaining period of the takaful policy, if the participant is alive, from the endowment fund. is paid to the spouse of the participant.
04.If the wife dies during the term of the plan, her heirs (as per Faraiz) will get the full amount due after the expiry of the takaful letter.

Supplementary Insurance Brochure

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