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Mrs. Latifa Rana


Mrs. Latifa Rana has a high academic background and commendable business experience for last fifteen years in the field of International trade, commerce, industry, Banking & FMCG business and financial market in Bangladesh as well as rest of the world through New York, USA. 

Chairman, Rigs Group of Companies is directly involved in banking and financial services, Insurance, Real estate development, trade & commerce and consumer products (FMCG), infrastructure development, production and marketing of various cosmetics & food items, publication, Health care, education and aviation sector.

Her other involvement are: 

Director, National Life Insurance Company Ltd.,

Director, Hotel Lake Castle Ltd.,

Director, Holy Crescent Hospital Ltd.,

Managing Director, Rigs Ltd.,

Member, Eastern University Foundation.,

Sponsor Shareholders, NCC Bank Ltd.,

Chairman, Bestclean Ltd.,

Managing director, Rigs Properties Ltd.,

Managing Partner, Rigs Marketing (Partnership firm),

Managing Partner, Rigs Cafe (Partnership firm),

Managing Partner, Rigs Herbs.

Overseas Business in New York, USA: 

President, Madina Industrial Corporation.,

Vice Chairman, Madina Corporation,.

Mrs. Latifa Rana