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Mrs. Tashmia Ambarin

An accomplished business leader and renowned philanthropist of the country,

Tashmia Ambarin is successfully running a business conglomerate over 33 years. An impact leader and a visionary entrepreneur, she is successfully running multiple companies with diverse interests in ship breaking and recycling, tea plantation and production, RMG industries, real estate, agency business and engineering services, container freight station (CFS) and inland container depot (ICD), insurance and securities.  

A former director of Eastern Bank Limited (EBL), she is managing partner of S.N. Corporation. With her exemplary leadership, she has transformed companies like ABC Steel Enterprise Ltd., Z.N. Enterprise Ltd., Namreen Enterprise Ltd., Legend Property Development Ltd., Unique Refineries Ltd., Namreen Power Ltd., ZS Holdings Ltd., Zaran off Dock Ltd., Need Fashion Wear & Textile Ltd., Port Link Logistics Centre Ltd., Eastern Industries Ltd., J. F. Bangladesh Ltd., Peninsular Shipping Ltd.

She being a Director of NLI Company Ltd. has been elected Vice Chairmen of NLI Company in 2021. She is also director of NLI Securities Ltd. She completed her graduation from the University of Chattogram and is involved in many social and humanitarian works with a commitment to make positive changes in the society.

Mrs. Tashmia Ambarin