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Mr. Das Deba Prashad

Mr. Das Deba Prashad is an M.Com with honours in graduation of the University of Dhaka. Before he joined the life insurance profession, he had a brief stint as a college teacher.

He joined the largest life insurer in erstwhile Pakistan as an executive and had his foundation and practical on-the-job training in its head office at Karachi.

After liberation, he joined the said life company in Dhaka and was eventually integrated as a Deputy Manager in the services of JBC after nationalization of the industry. He served in different capacities in JBC and thereafter in a private life company with which he was associated right from its start and contributed his mite to its rapid growth.

He eventually became its CEO in which capacity he served for long 12 years before retirement. In his long career on life insurance spanning over more than 4 (four) decades, he held many responsible positions, attended both as a participant and an instructor/ contributor in numerous training courses, workshops, seminars both at home and abroad.

He is widely regarded as one complete life insurance man in that he had sound working knowledge in technical, mathematical aspects on the one hand and on operational and promotional aspects of life insurance on the other.

Mr. Das Deba Prashad