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NLIC At a Glance

NLIC At a Glance

The era of private sector Life Insurance business started in Bangladesh with the establishment of National Life Insurance Company Limited in the year 1985.

"The motto of the company is to ensure guarantee for a planned future of its policyholders."

Our Visions→

        ►  To encourage and induce saving practice;

        ►  To create and provide employment opportunity; &

        ►  Capital formation at national level for investment.

Our Slogan→

        ►  The slogan of the company is “Ghore Ghore NLI Jone Jone NLI”

The company has grown & developed massively and substantially over a period of about 38 years. The company has diversified its products to match customers' needs and preferences. Currently it provides multifarious life assurance products to cater the aspirations & needs as well as religious beliefs of the clients. Benefits to the policyholder of NLI are high as they are now enjoying high level rate of policy bonus compared to other competent companies.

The members of the Board of Directors are resourceful people imbued with the spirit of social service, which the company stands for and are leaders in other professions and businesses, such as finance, marketing and private enterprise. They are equipped with their specialized knowledge to run the company skillfully & maintain an unparallel position in the insurance arena. Hence, the company is positioning almost top listed private company.

Under the strong leadership of Chairman Mr. Morshed Alam MP and Chief Executive Officer, a veteran insurance personality Md. Kazim Uddin, company is progressing consistently and maintaining high insurance market share in Bangladesh.

Corporate Information→

Title Details
Entity Name: National Life Insurance Company Limited.
Business Address: NLI Tower, 54-55 Kazi Nazrul Islam Avenue,
Karwan Bazar, Dhaka-1215.
Contact: Phone: 09666706050, 41010123-8,
Call Centre-16749  Fax: 88-02-8144237
Current Website:
Registration Number: C-13734
Trade Licence : TRAD/DNCC/035795/2022
TIN: 460810150961
Commencing Date: 23rd April 1985
Number of Branches: 658
Sponsor Director: Venture Investment Partners Bangladesh Ltd.
National Housing and Investment Ltd. and
Industrial and Infrastructure Development Finance Co. Ltd.
Subsidiary:NLI Securities Ltd.
Auditors:M/S Mahfel Huq & Co. Chartered Accountants

Financial Highlights (FY 2022) Key Management

Million BDT
Premium Income:  16158.63
Life fund:    48005.98
Assets:  55732.11
Investment:  47977.81
Gross Claim:  10520.75
Chief Executive Officer:             Md. Kazim Uddin  
Additional Managing Director: 
Khasru Chowdhury
Chief Financial Officer:             
Probir Chandra Das,FCA
Company Secretary:                 
Md. Abdul Wahab Mian
Human Resources
Employee Range: 4,000+
Agent Range: 50,000+

| Certification & Awards |

                                     * 'AAA' Credit Rating for Long-term                                      * South Asian Best CEO Award-2021

                              * Emerging Asia Insurance Award-2018                                      * ICSB National Award-2021

                              * Emerging Asia Insurance Award-2019                                      * South Asian Business Excellence Award-2021

                            * South Asian Business Excellence Award-2022