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NLIC At a Glance

The era of privatized insurers started in Bangladesh with the establishment of National Life Insurance Company, the first ever private life insurance company introduced in the People’s Republic of Bangladesh. It started functioning on 23rd April, 1985 as a result of sheer perseverance, endeavor and supervision of the founder chairman Mr. Alhaj M. Haider Chowdhury. The company having 703 crore Premium income in the year 2012 with a hefty Life fund of 2419 crore happens to be a dominant insurer and is moving fast on a new growth trajectory surpassing its previous records. The motto of the company is to ensure a guarantee for a planned future.Three visions of the company are- To encourage & induce saving of the high/mid income population and especially of the low income & marginal group. To create & provide employment opportunity for the illiterate/half literate/literate youth of the country. Capital formation at national level for investment to develop dynamism at macro-economy

The members of the Board of Directors are resourceful people imbued with the spirit of social service, which the company stands for and are leaders in other professions & businesses, such as finance, marketing and private enterprise. They are equipped with their specialized knowledge to run the company skillfully & maintain an unparallel position in the insurance arena.

As a service industry, the company is committed to personalized service to its valued customers and will justify their confidence by prudent and viable economic management and offering absolute security and favorable returns.

This company began operation with 11 staffs with a head office covering few hundred sq. ft. of area at Segunbagicha, Dhaka; but today manpower enrollment has reached more than 100,000 staffs and field forces covering about 1200 zonal, regional, branch and block offices all over the country. The head office of the company is at the 'NLI Tower'- own high rise building at Kawranbazar, at a significant artery point of Dhaka metropolitan. The company has also purchased plots & lands at different Divisional & District head quarters. NLI set as the sponsor director of Venture Investment Partners Bangladesh Ltd., National Housing and Investment Ltd. and Industrial and Infrastructure Development Finance Co. Ltd. Moreover, NLI securities Ltd. is a subsidiary of NLI.

NLI delivered the success in business achievements, competency in management and befitting growth judged by any standard. The company has grown & developed massively & substantially over a period of about 28 years. It has earned name & fame along with premium for the services it provides to the policy holders. Since beginning, it has focused on policy holders' satisfaction for the type, quality & promptness of the services. The company has diversified its products to match customers' needs & preferences. Currently it provides multifarious life assurance products to cater the aspirations & needs as well as religious beliefs of the clients. Benefits to the policyholder of NLI are high as they are now enjoying high level rate of policy bonus compared to other competent companies.