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People with minimal income can easily take up this policy. Pension is a form of financial independence at old age. It is a great deal of help to the elderly people to remain self-sufficient. Pension insurance mitigates the insecurity due to irregular income at old age as well as ensures handsome amount as death benefit to the nominee.

(with profit)

Features & Eligibility
Types of plan: It is an Endowment assurance plan
to provide pension for
minimal income people
Minimum entry age: 18 years
Maximum entry age: 45 years
Minimum sum assured: Tk. 11700/=
Maximum sum assured: Tk. 2,50,000/=
Minimum maturity age: 28 years
Maximum maturity age: 55 years
Policy terms: from 10 to 25 years
Mode of payment: monthly
Income tax: Income tax relief permissible
Premium calculation: premium rate chart given in the brochure.
Monthly premium: at least 100 taka or multiple of
100 taka like 200, 300 etc.
1. On survival of the policy holder sum assured with accrued bonus is payable or after maturity policy holder can decide to receive monthly pension from the date of maturity against the amount of sum assured payable. The duration of pension is 5 or 10 years.
2. On death of the policy holder after paying the first premium and receiving the policy, the nominee is payable total sum assured with accrued bonus.
3. If a policy holder wants to surrender the policy after running the policy for two years then he will get the money after deducting service charge from the payable amount.
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